mardi 27 juillet 2010

My New Blog

It's Candice... I changed blogs because the other one was linked to an email address I predict I won't have access to anymore. It's in an effort to keep my husband from deleting my blog and disconnecting me completely... So I have a new email address and a new blog address and name, but it's me!

Hopefully it won't be easy to be found. I may have to change my name when I comment but I will see with a bit of time. I will be asking a few fellow bloggers to post my new address on their blogs because I cannot do it on mine since I am trying to hide this blog... I hope I will get some help!

Thank you so much


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  1. Sorry to hear that :( Why would your husband delete your blog?
    I can put a link for you on a post if you like :)

  2. Why can't you have a blog Candice?Can't you express to him what you are all about,like for instance when you are out on a romantic date and you are having pleasant dinner conversations?I'm sure because of his attraction for you you will gain his attention and he'll intently listen to your wants and needs,anything less than that a wife should not accept from a husband.But,of course tread carefully and test the water before you jump.

  3. :-/ sorry dear, inshaAllah I hope things ease up

  4. well we have followed no worries! why are we in french? or did i drink too much diet dr pepper?

    Dear sister, due to some sort of trivial reasons, I think your problem with ur husband seems to be taking cruel turn into your (both of you) married and personal life...
    I think your present problem ( tension being he, not allowing your child not to see her grandparents for one week) with ur husband is not so critical to correct with ,that can be easily solved with his getting job very soon..

    Be patient and keep hope...every setbacks are not permanent, be patient by saying yourself that this phase you are going through is “just temporary”.

    May Allah be with both of you and make your beloved child (Nora) living with her parents happily for ever.

    Aameen summa Aameen

  6. Candice,
    Both of you (you and your husband) should make some compromise and flexibility with personal Ego, Pride and Self respect for the sake of permanent married life, also “very importantly your little child Nora” to grow up happily and love both of you more than anything in her life..

    These misunderstandings, frustrations, tensions and minor clashes are part of life , are universal and not linked to any religion…..also as I said, TEMPORORY.

    My prayers.

  7. It's me (Candice): Sorry I didn't write back here but this idea is cancelled afterall. Thank you for your support.

  8. So you are not going to be using this blog?

  9. No, sorry. Not right now. The idea is kind of useless after the person found out I had changed my information.

  10. So you are here now... OK.... Know I can follow you